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This page lists the articles and photographs I've had published.

In the photo above, I am on the Pole Steeple Trail in Pine Grove Furnace State Park, Pennsylvania on October 3, 2020. This picture appeared in

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I started freelance writing for Find Your Chesapeake in June 2019. This website was a joint effort between the Chesapeake Conservancy and the National Park Service to promote conservation and recreation in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

It all started when Jody C., the Director of Communications for the Chesapeake Conservancy, reached out to Greg W. and Ralph H. (fellow kayakers) and asked for a recommendation of someone that would make a good paddling writer. Greg told me about this opportunity and I jumped on it. I was put in touch with Pat P. (who became my editor) and then submitted my first article (they call them blogs) on June 5, 2019.

I have submitted 47 to Find Your Chesapeake which deal with exploring the Chesapeake Bay watershed via standup paddleboard, kayak, or on foot. My articles focus on recreation, wildlife, history, the environment, and adventure. Of these, 40 blogs have been published. The last seven were pending publication up until significant changes in the organization.

In July 2023, the Find Your Chesapeake site was taken down, due to funding cuts by the National Park Service. My employment was also terminated for the same reason. I am hoping my blogs reappear on one of their websites at some point. When they do, I will link to them. In the meantime, the links below are for the original articles I submitted, prior to any modifications by either organization. The titles shown are as they appeared on the Find Your Chesapeake website.

I am very proud to have been given this opportunity to write professionally and hope to do so again.

Paddling the Curtis Creek Ship Graveyard
Hancock's Resolution - a "National Treasure"
Paddling in Paradise at Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary
Paddling Mattawoman Creek, "Where One Goes Pleasantly"
Parkers Creek - the Chesapeake Bay in Miniature
Paddling the Anacostia - Washington, D.C.'s Forgotten River
Autumn Kayaking on McIntosh Run and Breton Bay
Tilghman Island - Paddling in Waterman Country
Annapolis Rock - the Perfect Off-Season Hike
The Patuxent Branch Trail - Connecting the Industrial Past of Guilford with the Present
One Hike, Two Amazing Views
Remembering the Poor Man's Friend - A Winter Hike on Dans Mountain
The Patuxent Challenge - Challenge Accepted!
Exploring an Urban Green Space
High Tide and Exotic Blooms
Still Waters Run Deep at Seneca Slackwater
Hidden Beauty at Soldiers Delight
Celebrating the Appalachian Trail's Halfway Point
Straddling the Eastern Continental Divide
Western Maryland's Haven for Outdoor Recreation
Hiking through History in Patapsco Valley State Park
Three Hibernal Hikes in Harford County
A Foraging Revival
The Waterfalls of Ricketts Glen
Paddling with Your Dog
Paddleboarding through Nature around Washington, D.C.
Exploring Kiptopeke's Concrete Fleet
Paddleboarding through Nature in the Baltimore Area
Foraging and Fossiling in Nanjemoy Wildlife Management Area
There's Something for Everyone at Westmoreland State Park
Hiking Maryland's South Mountain
Winter Hiking the Billy Goat Trail
The Year-Round Charm of Franklin Point State Park
Spring Peeper Paddle on the Patapsco
Dueling Heron Bills at Mason Neck
A Beautiful Eastern Shore Paddle and Visit to a Town with a Secret History
Paddling in Otter Point Creek Natural Area
Following in the Footsteps of the Maryland Dove
The Best-Kept Secret in Baltimore County
Fleet Week Baltimore, Past and Present
Kings Creek - A Water Trail Fit for Royalty
The Mount Vernon Trail - Connector to American History
The Corsica River Water Trails - Preserving the Memory and Shaping the Future
Plan Your Own Adventure on the Monocacy River Water Trail
Mount Calvert Historical and Archaeological Park - Prime Real Estate
Promoting the Beauty of Nature at Conowingo Islands
Wincopin Neck: My Neck of the Woods
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Maryland Department of Natural ResourcesOpen accordion icon
I really enjoy the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) magazine. I have not yet written anything for them but I have had some photographs published. Two have even appeared on their magazine cover!

This one was taken September 23, 2007. It is of Yvonne T. in the Mallows Bay Ship Graveyard. Yvonne, Norma, and I explored it before the Mallows Bay launch site was built. How did we manage that? Yvonne, being the friendly lady she is, managed to sweet talk a stranger into letting us launch from his waterfront property so we could see the Ghost Fleet. So when I submitted this picture for their contest, it didn't win, but it was a good choice to help publicize the opening of Mallow Bay Park. It appeared on their volume 13, number 2, Spring 2010 issue.
Yvonne T. on her kayak in the Mallows Bay Ship Graveyard

The following pic was taken by Norma when we paddled with Sara, her daughter Samantha (Sam), their dog Cassi, and Daphne on the upper part of the Chester River on Independence Day, 2018. It wasn't easy for me to paddle with two dogs so I'm glad Norma was able to take this shot before Cassi decided she had enough. This photo appeared on the volume 22, number 2, Spring 2019 issue.
Me on SUP with Daphne and Cassi
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Martial ArtsOpen accordion icon
I spent quite a bit of my life studying martial arts and learning about physical fitness. In 2000, I put these two passions together for an article I wrote titled Plyometrics and Interval Training for Muay Thai which was published in the Thai Boxing Association (TBA) newsletter in 2000.
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